Dr. Jason Hoium, DMD


Dr. Jason Hoium, DMD

Who Am I?

My name is Dr. Jason Hoium and I am a general dentist practicing in southeast Saskatchewan. I received a DMD degree in 2012 from the University of Saskatchewan dentistry program and have been on a mission to learn and grow as much as I can each and every day since that time. I always say that I am a dentist on paper and an entrepreneur at heart. I see the world through a different lens and have a passion for challenging the status quo by asking questions that others seem to ignore. I’ve always had a deep-seated desire to make a difference by helping others and OnlineExodontia.com has allowed me to do just that! This course is quickly reaching countless dentists and improving the quality of care received by patients worldwide.

My Perspective on Education.

After entering private practice, being exposed to tens of thousands of patients (many with badly broken down teeth requiring extraction) I began to discover the shortcomings of formal education. It was becoming clear that much of the theory and principles covered in dental school put you “inside the plane on the runway”, but that’s as far as they go. You’re then expected to start the engine and fly the plane. Unfortunately, many practitioners never take flight and this is where their journey ends.

This course was created to be your flight manual for basic oral surgery and you can think of me as your flight instructor. I love to connect with members of the course, allowing them to lean on me, ask the questions they need answered, get guidance and opinions regarding the diagnosis and planning of extractions, etc. I understand that obtaining knowledge is only half the battle. It’s incredibly difficult to implement new knowledge into your practice when you don’t have a support system in place. I am thankful for all the support and guidance I received when I started extracting teeth in private practice and nothing is more fulfilling than passing that information along to others experiencing the same challenges that I once faced on a daily basis!

I’m an avid learner who believes that the acquisition of knowledge allows for an elevated enjoyment of the experiences you are fortunate enough to have in your life, whether that involves going for a walk and observing the world around you, or treating a dental patient. Critically assessing my own academic path has led me to discover that the time you spend studying does not equate directly to your ability to perform in the real world. Rather, it is the clinical pearls, words of wisdom, and aha! moments that allow you to overcome the hurdles preventing you from making quantum leaps in your clinical abilities.

Traditional teaching methods are highly inefficient and have not yet evolved to reflect the pace at which we now are accustomed to receiving, filtering, and assimilating new information. This course challenges traditional teaching methods by accelerating your learning through focusing specifically on the points that will instantaneously make you a better dentist and nothing more.

The entrepreneur in me wished to prove that any general dentist (regardless of their current knowledge, experience or abilities) can learn basic oral surgery in 25 hours to a level far beyond what you learn in 4 years of formal academic training. Those who enroll in this course will see how this is possible through the short-format, focused nature of the videos. OnlineExodontia.com is the pioneer of this CE format which I’m certain will be the norm in the years to come across all disciplines.

“General Dentists Shouldn’t Extract Teeth…”

The first recorded extraction was thought to have taken place around 7000 B.C. and yet today, there are educational institutions with limitless access to information, technology, and instrumentation informing practitioners that general dentists shouldn’t extract teeth. This could be true assuming you haven’t had the training, however extracting teeth is one of the simplest and most essential services that we should be offering to our patients.

Why Did I Create This Course?

I watched my father (who was a veterinarian of 30+ years) retire with such a wealth of knowledge and real world experience at his disposal and thought to myself how the new vet taking over would now repeat the same mistakes that my father had made as he was entering private practice. I recognized that if the dental profession could capture and crystallize the information that we gain from day-to-day experiences to pass down to the next generation, we would become incredibly proficient! I also remember my father telling me that “Experience is that which you gain, one second after you needed it.” That, in a nutshell, is what this site is all about. It’s me sharing the culmination of my experiences in private practice extracting teeth augmented by information from published articles, textbooks, forums, videos, CE courses, and input from oral surgeons.

I searched high and low for this information and no matter where I searched, I couldn’t find a single source that was truly effective at teaching comprehensive basic oral surgery. Every course I attended simply reiterated what I was already taught in dental school or could find by opening up an oral surgery textbook. I wished for years that someone would create a more applicable course, then finally decided that it may as well be me who made it! It is my sincere wish that everyone exposed to this material improves their enjoyment of basic oral surgery procedures, begins to help more people, and leads a more fulfilling professional career as a result!

I encourage anyone who reads this or feels interested in pursuing this course to reach out to me directly at info@onlineexodontia.com and we can work together to answer the questions you need answered while getting you extracting teeth confidently in your office! All the best to you!

Kind Regards,
Jason Hoium
Dr. Jason Hoium, DMD