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"Extracting teeth is too stressful..."
"I gave up on extractions years ago..."
"I was taught GP's shouldn't extract teeth..."
"I just don't feel confident enough..."

If this sounds like you...you're not alone and that is precisely why I developed this course!

What You'll Learn

Textbooks and CE courses teach you the 'ideal' scenarios... but what happens when you're faced with a less-than-ideal-scenario (reality)? Decayed, broken, infected teeth; complex medical histories; limited access/opening/mobility; postoperative complications. No single course encompassed this information - UNTIL NOW!

Join the oral surgery accelerator course™ to get 24/7 access to the most comprehensive extraction videos you'll find anywhere online! BONUS: Earn up to 25 AGD PACE continuing education credits.

Extraction Course

Module 1 | Oral Anatomy & Biology

Oral Anatomy and Biology

Refresh your knowledge of the location and significance of vital structures in the mouth to reduce avoidable surgical errors.

Module 2 | Medical Considerations


Which patients can we treat safely in our office and when is it best to refer to the oral surgeon? Learn about medications and health conditions that influence our approach to removing teeth.
surgical complications

Module 3 | Surgical Complications


If you extract enough teeth, you will eventually encounter complications. Learn what these complications are and how to manage them before they happen to you!

Module 4 | Infections & Fascial Spaces

Dental Infections

Confidently recognize and classify infections from low risk to severe and understand the protocols to follow to ensure that your patients are treated promptly and effectively.

Module 5 | Diagnosis & Planning


Remove the stress from extractions by predicting and preventing problems before they happen! Learn how to better prepare for the teeth you are planning to extract.

Module 6 | Drugs & Materials


An overview of the most common drugs and materials that are employed before, during, and after oral surgery procedures.

Module 7 | Local Anesthesia


Achieving profound anesthesia can sometimes be a challenge. This module will provide helpful tips and techniques to ensure that your patients are numb each and every time!
EL3SX Elevating Luxator Hu-Friedy

Module 8 | Surgical Armamentarium

Surgical Armamentarium

Selecting the right instruments and learning how to use them properly is essential. This is an in-depth look at the tools you should have on your tray.
Surgical Technique

Module 9 | Surgical Technique

Surgical Technique

Everything from positioning your patient to flap design. This section will elevate your knowledge of the fundamentals of oral surgery to the next level!

Module 10 | Extracting Specific Teeth

Specific Teeth

This module reviews the anatomy of the teeth, recommends instruments, and provides step-by-step instructions for removing each and every tooth in the mouth.

Module 11 | Suturing 101

Suturing 101

Review and observe the various suturing methods and materials. Learn when to employ which type of suture and more!
Clinical Situations

Module 12 | Clinical Tips & Situations

Clinical Tips & Situations

In private practice you will encounter situations that you can’t find in a textbook. Learn a variety of helpful tips and tricks to manage those less ideal extraction cases.