So You Graduated From Dental School…

You’re a New Grad…

Congratulations! You’ve survived dental school and you’re heading out to save the world one tooth at a time. Life couldn’t be better; no more late nights studying, no more exams, no more set up and take down in the clinic.

You start searching for the perfect practice and begin handing in your applications. Lucky for you there is a brand new practice full of opportunity looking for an associate to help them out. You graciously accept the offer and now you’re mentally preparing for your first patient in the real world.

Day 1: Your First Patient

They tell you about the toothache they’ve been having and how they haven’t slept for a couple days. Their face is visibly swollen and when you look in their mouth you see half of their lower first molar is missing. A large post is all that’s seen connecting the remaining amalgam to the tooth.

Since you’ve spent 4 years in a prestigious dental program you are feeling optimistic and you reassure the patient that you will help to have them feeling better in no time.

You anesthetize them and return several minutes later to your patient who reports feeling very numb. Upon applying the elevator (that you remembered from your oral surgery rotation) the patient immediately jumps! You’re surprised, but add more anesthetic and hope for the best.

After another minute or two you again apply the elevator and the patient now appears more comfortable. You apply a little more pressure and CRUNCH… the remaining tooth splits off beneath the level of the bone! You again try to elevate, but no longer have a purchase point or anything to hold with the forceps.

Oh No! Now What?!

At this moment your optimism suddenly changes and you find yourself bewildered and amazed at what you’re looking at. You realize that although you’ve spent 4 years diligently studying, you’re woefully underprepared for the challenges of real-world private practice. You spend the next hour and a half reflecting your flap, cutting bone in random locations, and breaking off bits of what remains of the tooth.

You finally swallow your pride and leave the room to get the principle dentist who has been extracting teeth for many years. They enter the room and within a few moments the extraction is finished. You are left feeling thankful for the assistance, yet embarrassed and defeated at the same time. What should have been a routine procedure with minimal discomfort, turned into a prolonged, unpleasant experience for both you and your patient.

Get The Experience Before You Need It.

At, we realize that there are many educational gaps that exist when you’re transitioning from academia to private practice. We use a unique approach to CE that rapidly educates our members in an effort to avoid the scenario that played out above.

It has been said that, “experience is that which you gain one second after you needed it.” Our extraction courses aim to give general dentists the experience before they need it. We provide 25 hours of high-quality, information-packed, oral surgery continuing education videos that will place you lightyears ahead of your colleagues who have not been exposed to these videos.

Invest in yourself and your education and you will no longer struggle to extract teeth. All the best!