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Elevate Your Knowledge.

Extract Teeth.

If you struggle with extractions or lack the confidence needed to remove teeth proficiently in your office, this

extraction course

is for you.
Everything you should have
learned in dental school… but didn’t!

Instruments you’ve never tried, techniques you’ve never seen, and facts you’ve never heard or thought of, which should be an essential part of your extraction armamentarium.

What Will You Learn and
What Is This Course?

In just 5 simple steps, you will confidently and safely extract teeth in your office regardless of your present level of experience.

Your time is too valuable to spend watching traditional, hour-long ‘powerpoint’ presentations online. Each video efficiently conveys the fundamentals and every pearl I can possibly share on a topic in less than 10 minutes. Think of this C.E. course as an accelerated mini-residency focused on the essentials of basic oral surgery and surgical extractions.

This course is the culmination of the information I have gathered from online research, oral surgery textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, clinical experience, personal continuing education and mentorships from the inception of my career to the present day. These videos contain everything that I wish had existed in a C.E. course and been taught to me when I started practicing; all bundled into one convenient, affordable experience!

  • 1Learn the fundamentals.
  • 2Diagnose and Plan for success.
  • 3Master your armamentarium.
  • 4Confidently Extract Any Tooth.
  • 5Extract Third Molars.

Efficient Learning Every Minute is Relevant.

  • 1. Brush Up On Your Anatomy
  • 2. Refresh Your Medical Knowledge
  • 3. Manage Complications
  • 4. Triage Infections
  • 5. Diagnose More Accurately
  • 6. Learn Useful Drugs & Materials
  • 7. Master Local Anesthesia
  • 8. Discover New Instruments
  • 9. Perfect The Fundamentals
  • 10. Boost Your Confidence
  • 11. Suture Proficiently
  • 12. See Helpful Tips & Tricks

Why Choose This Course Over Other Dental CE Courses

It’s the most in-depth online extraction course currently available. Subscribers gain access to 290+ videos.
This course teaches how to manage real-world scenarios, not just the ‘ideal’ textbook cases.
21st century next-generation learning that condenses 482 learning objectives into only 25 hours of instruction!
You’ll become highly-educated on third molars and will have the tools you need to remove them if you choose to.
Unrivalled return on your investment. You will be fully equipped to extract any tooth safely in your office.
You will save thousands on tuition, travel, meals, lodging, time away from work, etc.
Learn from a GP who is highly familiar with the challenges faced by GP’s when extracting teeth.
Learn local anesthesia, medical considerations, drugs, anatomy, etc. and become a more well-rounded dentist.
On-demand learning. Watch, rewatch and skip videos to find the tips and advice you need when you need it most.
You can test your understanding after every module through comprehensive multiple choice quizzes.