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will rapidly advance your knowledge and ability to extract teeth.
Everything you should have learned in dental school... but didn't! Whether you are a new grad or an experienced dentist, these videos will quickly fill your educational gaps to get you extracting teeth confidently in your office.

How does it work?

Course material is divided into 13 different modules, delivered by streaming video and accompanied by optional module exams.
The videos are the culmination of information gathered from online research, textbooks, journal articles, clinical experience, personal continuing education and mentorships from the inception of the instructors career to the present day. Each module covers a different aspect of dental extractions that build your knowledge and confidence in short videos. You can easily watch a few videos in your spare time and return to replay videos for as long as your subscription lasts. Once you've subscribed to access the 12 core modules, you can purchase any or all of our Premium modules to further expand your skill set. See the Subscribe page for more information.
  • 1register for core modules 1-12
  • 2select your premium content
  • 3watch the videos
  • 4submit your ce credits

Effective Learning Learn More in Less Time

  • 1. Anatomy
  • 2. Medical Review
  • 3. Complications
  • 4. Infections
  • 5. Diagnosis
  • 6. Drugs & Materials
  • 7. Local Anesthesia
  • 8. Instruments
  • 9. Extraction Technique
  • 10. Extraction Guide
  • 11. Suturing
  • 12. Tips & Tricks

Advantages Over Other Dental CE Courses

Most in-depth online extraction course currently available. A subscription to our core modules gives you access to 290+ videos.
Unrivalled return on your investment. You will learn more in 24 hours than you ever thought was possible!
The core modules consist of short, information-packed videos covering a total of 482 learning objectives.
Valuable, in-depth Premium modules containing information that is difficult to find anywhere online.
Learn the fundamentals from the perspective of an experienced dentist who remembers the challenges he faced when starting to extract teeth in clinical practice.
High resolution, high production value videos, streaming to any device connected to the internet.
On-demand learning. Watch, rewatch and skip videos to find the tips and advice you need when you need it most.
We are a nationally approved AGD PACE provider. Test your knowledge after every module and receive an official CE certificate to submit for continuing education credits.