Intro to Oral Surgery | Pacific Smiles Group

Welcome to this mini-course on oral surgery from Dr. Jason Hoium, DMD.  These videos will offer you a base from which to determine whether you are interested in extracting teeth by providing key information that may have been missing from your formal education to date.  If these videos interest you and you want to get serious about oral surgery, I’d love to serve as your mentor and guide you through the complete O.S. Accelerator Course™.

Feel free to reach out at any time should you have questions or require assistance!

7-Day | Free Trial

You now have access to about 15% of the course material. Please enjoy the 7-day risk-free trial and reach out at any time should you have questions or require assistance! View the complete objectives here and complete video list here.
Anyone that signs up for the complete O.S. Accelerator Course will have my personal e-mail to contact me at any time to discuss cases or the course material. Also, successful completion of the course will provide 25 CE hours.

Module 12 | Clinical Tips & Situations

This is the chapter that every textbook is missing! How do you complete an extraction that doesn’t go as planned? Sometimes it takes some ingenuity and experience to get you through these situations. This module aims to give you solutions to these predicaments before you encounter them, so that when you encounter the inevitable, you’ll have a number of ways to deal with the situation.

Module 11 | Suturing 101

Learn helpful tips and tricks to make suturing faster and more reliable through easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations. See which suture materials to use, how to use them, and when to select one suturing technique over another. Your confidence will be boosted and you will have a variety of methods in your back pocket to close any wound in the mouth!

Module 10 | Extracting Specific Teeth

Consider this module to be your user manual for extractions that will greatly enhance your ability to remove teeth with less frustration and fewer surgical errors! Many times in the beginning you may apply the wrong instrument or the wrong forces and as a result, you make the procedure more difficult than it needs to be. These videos convey the proper movements and instruments to give you the best chance for success each and every time.

Module 9 | Surgical Technique

In order to excel at what you do, you must first have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. This module highlights the fundamentals of good oral surgery including the proper technique for flaps, sectioning teeth, force application, and more! It will leave you feeling more confident and better equipped to manage most simple or surgical extractions that come through your door!

Module 8 | Surgical Armamentarium

Half the battle when we are extracting teeth is selecting the proper instruments for the situation at hand! Gain exposure to a variety of common and lesser known surgical instruments and learn how to use them efficiently and effectively. Completing this module will leave you with an understanding of the tools that you should consider having on your tray to maximize your success when extracting teeth.

Module 7 | Local Anesthesia

Over 40 videos dedicated to teaching you the tips and tricks to numb even the most difficult teeth! Step-by-step instructions are provided to help you achieve predictable, profound anesthesia each and every time you pick up the syringe. Even if you decide not to extract teeth, this module will give you the foundation needed to ensure your patients are always comfortable in your chair.

Module 6 | Drugs & Materials

Every day we administer drugs to our patients before, during or after their dental procedures. Familiarize yourself with the most commonly used drugs and materials in the world of dental extractions. Everything from the management of postoperative pain to the perioperative management of bleeding is covered. In the end, you will be better educated to provide a safer, more comfortable experience for your patients from start to finish.

Module 5 | Diagnosis & Planning

The saying, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” could not be more accurate when it comes to removing teeth. Each time you extract a tooth, it is imperative that you plan the procedure before you get started. This module will help you plan for any tooth, in any patient. Your ability to interpret radiographs will be enhanced; you will even begin understanding the physical and psychological characteristics of your patients that will directly impact the difficulty of the extraction at hand.

Module 4 | Infections & Fascial Spaces

This module is a thorough review of the fascial spaces of the head and neck that will leave you with a better understanding of why infections present the way they do and where they are likely to spread to. You will be equipped with the knowledge to diagnose and triage a variety of dental infections to ensure that your patients receive the appropriate level of care for their condition in a timely manner.

Module 3 | Surgical Complications

Even the most experienced surgeons run into complications when they are extracting teeth! This module explores a variety of surgical complications and gives you the information needed to manage them or better yet, avoid them altogether! Complications, however, are not always avoidable and therefore it is critical that you master this module before choosing to extract teeth for your patients.

Module 2 | Medical Considerations

Sometimes we focus so much on the tooth we are extracting that we fail to remember the big picture! This module touches upon the medical conditions that afflict our patients and helps you to understand the interplay between these conditions and oral surgery procedures. This knowledge will help to limit adverse events in the dental chair and will ensure the safety and well-being of your patients, which should always be your number one priority.

Module 1 | Oral Anatomy & Biology

This module is a refresher on the anatomy and biology of the oral cavity.  A focus is placed on identifying vital structures and understanding how they relate to minor oral surgery procedures.  Having a strong grasp of the surgical field will help to make you an exceptional provider of care by limiting iatrogenic complications and surgical errors!