Changing CE for the better…

Don’t Fall for the Usual Continuing Education Trap

“I can go back and use this on Monday morning.”…

This is a classic line that you’ll often hear when looking at promotional materials for continuing education courses. It’s actually 100% true and for those who don’t know here is what happens…

Joe Dentist spends $3500 to take the latest and greatest 3-day course: “Regenerating Gingival Attachment with Laser Beams” (Laser beams make everything more awesome).

Joe gets to sit in a stuffy classroom all weekend at a fancy resort marvelling at the powerpoint slides the lecturer has constructed to show how incredibly simple their new technique is and to demonstrate their seemingly ‘God-like’ abilities to repair the gingiva.

Joe drifts in and out mentally throughout the 8 hour days and manages to retain the odd tidbit of information while leaving the final day feeling refreshed, as the course ended early!

As if ending early wasn’t good enough, Joe packs up his laser that he was provided FREE OF CHARGE and can’t wait to get back to his office to zap some gums with it.

It’s Monday Morning…

Joe returns to his office (Just ‘beaming’ as he walks in – pun intended!). Joe fills in his long-time assistant about how things are going to change with this new technique. He explains how to get everything set up and is elated that their test subject has arrived. Joe warms up his laser in the back room and takes a couple test shots (pew!… pew!…….. pew!), it seems to be functioning properly. A little positive self-talk and Joe enters the room to see his patient.

He explains to his patient how he will totally transform them with his new laser, as it’s truly cutting edge. Joe zaps away for a while, then zaps some more. What he sees in the mouth doesn’t look much like what he saw on the powerpoint slides… how could this be?

Nevertheless, Joe finishes up only mildly satisfied with his work.

It’s Wednesday Morning

Joe comes to work again, this time feeling hopeful that his next laser grafting will go as planned. He goes through the same routine and this time, he gets the same result. Something isn’t right. Joe Dentist knows that he is impeccable at everything, so naturally his laser is likely to blame.

After a few more tries in the coming week, Joe gives up and puts his laser in the office drawer where it will collect dust over the next decade. He reverts back to his old ways, opens a scalpel and waves it in the air making audible slicing sounds (swish….shooop – it just wasn’t the same.)

Joe is depressed that he spent $3500, but at least he got some CE points and a vacation out of it. Unfortunately, this not an isolated happening in the dental continuing education world. With so much to choose from, so many ‘experts’, and so much marketing to boot…it can be really challenging to find worthwhile, practical continuing education.

Where Can I Find Practical, Affordable, Convenient Dental Continuing Education? recognizes the shortcomings of the CE world and offers a comprehensive, accelerated oral surgery course for the general dentist. Over 290, 4K oral surgery videos will teach you 482 learning objectives in just 25 hours.

You’ll be more efficient, more confident, and more prepared for the real world after taking this course than you were after taking 4 years of oral surgery class in dental school. There’s no fancy gimmicks, no laser beams, just solid, applicable information that will make you a better overall practitioner, not just in oral surgery, but in other disciplines as well.

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Luxators: A Better Way to Remove Teeth

The Old Approach

Tried and true methods have been used for years to extract teeth and they are still be taught in dental schools across the globe…and this needs to change.

The conventional approach to dental extractions involves elevators and forceps… if that approach fails, believe me, the buccal bone starts to look pretty nervous! The end result of removing buccal bone is a tooth on the table, but at what cost?

In private practice, there has been a noticeable trend towards extracting teeth ‘atraumatically.’It is understood that keeping buccal bone intact helps to maximize bone fill after an extraction, keeping sites more ideal for implants or a bridge in the future. Knowing this, the next question becomes, “How do you remove a stubborn tooth atraumatically?”

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Do You Enjoy Extracting Teeth?

If the answer is no…why?

As with most disciplines in dentistry, the more experience we obtain and the more education we garner, the better we become at various procedures. Extracting teeth is something that most of us get limited exposure to as we are going through dental school. We see lots of pictures and like most things, receive only the nuts and bolts of basic oral surgery. The problem lies in the fact that we don’t get a lot of experience that translates to real-life general practice.

Often dentists starting to extract teeth know just enough to get into trouble, but typically not enough to get out of trouble. How many times have you experienced, or heard from a colleague that they were part way through an extraction, but had to abandon it and send their patient to the oral surgeon?

It’s embarrassing for the dentist, frustrating and uncomfortable for the patient, and inconvenient for the oral surgeon.

A Fundamental Service

One could argue quite easily that extracting teeth is a fundamental service that should be offered by every dentist. There could be some grey area when you are talking about third molars, but certainly from second molar to second molar, you should rarely need to refer. How then can we provide this beneficial service to our patients without running into trouble? The truth is… you can’t! If you’re going to get into the business of extracting teeth, you’re going to run into trouble. The key is knowing what to do when that happens and that is where our extraction course comes in.

Better Education Means Better Results

Online Exodontia is a course like no other, whereby we offer the information you need to bridge the gap between dental school and the real world.

When trouble arises during an extraction, you will have the tools and the knowledge necessary to get you out of trouble. Better yet, you will develop the diagnostic capabilities necessary to keep you out of trouble in the first place! In 13 modules (the most comprehensive online exodontia course) you will learn everything from preoperative planning to postoperative care and everything in between.

So what was your answer to the question we asked at the beginning – do you enjoy extracting teeth? If you don’t enjoy extracting teeth, we are willing to bet that you never received the necessary instruction. The common path is for a dentist to start out feeling confident and optimistic until they have had one too many bad experiences…bad experiences that often could have been avoided.

If you’re fresh out of dental school, or if you’re looking to start extracting teeth, Online Exodontia will give you the foundation that you need.

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