Luxators: A Better Way to Remove Teeth

The Old Approach

Tried and true methods have been used for years to extract teeth and they are still be taught in dental schools across the globe…and this needs to change.

The conventional approach to dental extractions involves elevators and forceps… if that approach fails, believe me, the buccal bone starts to look pretty nervous! The end result of removing buccal bone is a tooth on the table, but at what cost?

In private practice, there has been a noticeable trend towards extracting teeth ‘atraumatically.’It is understood that keeping buccal bone intact helps to maximize bone fill after an extraction, keeping sites more ideal for implants or a bridge in the future. Knowing this, the next question becomes, “How do you remove a stubborn tooth atraumatically?”

…Enter elevating luxators and luxating hybrids.

The definition of ‘atraumatic’ actually refers to minimizing tissue damage, not extracting a tooth with zero trauma. Elevating luxators are like Elevators 2.0! They are thin, strong instruments capable of elevating teeth, or sliding down the long axis of a tooth to widen the PDL space and luxate the tooth; all while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues. Luxators come in a variety of sizes and orientations and are highly effective instruments to add to your oral surgery armamentarium.

Luxating hybrids (some know them by the brand name: ProximatorsTM) are more delicate, but serve the same purpose. Removal of teeth with these instruments can be accomplished with a bit of patience and more conservative bone removal from the interradicular space. The end result is an atraumatic extraction and an extraction site that has a chance to heal optimally.

Always Look for Better Ways

Although there are still times where buccal bone removal may be necessary or even unavoidable, it’s imperative that you get up to speed on the more modern approach to extractions.

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