5 Things Successful People DON’T Do

Don’t waste time:
Successful people speak about the value of minutes. They understand that this resource is scarce. Each minute can be optimized and often this is all you need to get something done.

Don’t make to-do lists:
41% of items on the to-do list are never done. The key to most people’s success is to use a calendar not a to-do list. Successful people don’t have to-do lists.

Don’t stress about finishing a task:
There’s always more to do. You will never finish. Think about what this means. To achieve work/life balance you need to allocate time to the people or things you wish to include in your life, then you need to use that time appropriately. When you’re doing a task and your mind or body is not longer in it, you’ll become inefficient. This is your cue to start allocating your time elsewhere, not the numbers on the clock.

Don’t Focus on the 80%:
There is something called the Pareto Principle which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts or activities. Identify the 20% which will maximize you time and your success.

Don’t say yes to everything:
Successful people aren’t afraid to say no. Every time you say yes, you’re putting yourself second and you’re actually saying no to something else. Learning to say no in a kind way is a skill to focus on developing.

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