Tips For New Dental Graduates Extracting Teeth

Getting proficient at extracting teeth is something that comes with practice.  When you’re fresh out of dental school and starting to extract teeth on your own, you’re going to be humbled many times.  The key is not to sweat it.  There were times when I experienced a difficult extraction and it was all I could think about all weekend.  Was my patient going to heal up properly?  Were they going to be in pain?  Multiple questions running through my head.  That was great because it meant that I cared, but it was also mentally draining.  What you grow to learn is that lucky for us, the mouth is an incredibly resilient part of the body that has almost superhuman healing ability.  You’ll also grow to learn that the difficulty of an extraction or the complications that occur during an extraction are not necessarily related to the ease of recovery for your patients.  Teeth that nearly fall out when they catch a glimpse of your elevator can leave patients with the worst pain they’ve ever experienced from an extraction…others may endure a tooth splitting, bone cutting, tissue traumatizing ordeal and they will report that other than some minor discomfort the evening of the extraction…all turned out well!

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However confident you feel at the moment, just remember there is always more to learn.  The minute you stop learning is the minute you stop growing.  Education is the key to a fulfilling, rewarding career and I’m here to help!  All the best my friends!